Author: Daniel Ellwanger

Inspiration for the evening

This evening while dinner was cooking the web proved it’s worth again, 2 works of art, sources of inspiration that I’m happy to share. Thanks to Omeleto channel for sharing it. First applause for the artist, Melanie Norris, such a rich brush stroke, clear communication and strong message, plus the way she talks about her art is a class of… Read more →

The power of asking questions. Our human nature to relate to a good conversation.



The First ACT  is about what I did this past 4th of July-17, I saw the big celebration taking place around me, and it made me think about reasons to thank this country. The first that comes to mind was Podcasts. You’re probably laughing now, but believe me podcasts changed my life.

I work in a chocolate factory, we make high-quality-craft-chocolate from bean-to-bar in Hawaii. Yeah life is awesome! The work is mainly manual so my head and ears are free to go wherever they want, and I found myself listening to the episodes of Design Matters, The Tim Ferris Show, On Being, Radio Lab, Freaknomics and so on. I was presented with the voices of the hosts and their guests, people willing to share their knowledge and life histories. Personalities like Naval Ravikant, Derick Sivers, Tony Robins, Debbie Millman, Blake Mycoskie, Rick Rubin, Brene Brown, Kevin Kelly, Seth Godin, and many others who by sharing their ideas, had inspired me to make art again, to make a difference, to strive to continuously improve the quality of our daily interactions, and relationships. They encouraged me to ask questions, to be interested in listening to the others, to be the observer, to learn and to share.


I’ve been making art pieces for the GRATITUDE MOVEMENT at night after work, and I mentioned an idea to my wife Karen, about thanking the thinkers who had been great at putting their work out there to the world. I asked her, what she thought about making portraits of them on American flags, because to me they’re making America great, and than sending the flags to them as a gift.

The next day she got home with a bunch of little 99 cents flags from Wallgreens, and said, here take action, no excuses. I said HECK YEAH!!! Let’s do it.


Here they are, the portraits I hand painted with acrylic on flags, of some of the people who ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world!


Now, my next challenge is to send the FLAG PORTRAIT to each one. Hey Debbie, Tim, Naval, Seth, what about a case of single-origin hand-crafted chocolate bars, in a box with your portrait?